PIT Cargo


Innovative. Efficient. Dependable.

Pittsburgh International Airport built a state-of-the-art cargo gateway so your customers can serve their customers, quickly and efficiently. And we are growing.


  • Strategic Geography
  • Proven Agile Reactions to Global Challenges
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint due to Minimal Congestion On & Off Airport
  • Investments in Sustainability & Resiliency Including World’s First Airport Microgrid


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Geographically Advantageous

  • Strategic location between New York and Chicago enables efficient distribution, both east and west
  • PIT is within 500 miles of 50% of population & 54% of US buying power
  • No congestion and easy access for ground transportation
  • 8.8 million people within 2 hour drive = ample customer base and labor force
  • Lower costs versus other key gateways in the region
  • Robust local supply chain network

Efficient Pipeline

  • Market Leading turnaround time from Wheels Down to Freight Ready – Most freight available in a few hours after a flight lands
  • Award winning ground crew that helps support All-Weather Operating Capabilities
  • Uncongested facilities
  • No curfews, noise restrictions, or slots
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ #33) covers all 8,800 acres of airport property
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection staff on-site (U.S. Landing Rights Airport)
  • Energy Independent and Resilient— the first airport powered by our own microgrid

Growing Capacity

  • Two *NEW* cargo facilities (140K sqft and 80K sqft) are in construction
  • New second line warehouse facilities being constructed to support the logistics industry
  • Developable sites and spec buildings, for first and second line cargo facilities, are readily available
  • Rapid ability to scale for all your needs
  • LEED certified facilities

Supportive Partnerships

  • Looking for partners not tenants
  • Diversified cargo and operator base
  • Data centric operations
  • Reputation for innovation — applies to cargo
  • Cargo management team that actively supports all cargo customers
  • Grow with a community that is looking for partners and not only understands the value of air cargo, but is active in helping ensure success


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